The Best of Earth Haulers’ Landscape Products


Earth Haulers’ Sandy Loam Topsoil  

Consists of Top Quality rural based soil with varying percentages of Sand, Silt and Clay.  Within these ingredients lie a small percentage of organic deposits.  Our soil has been tested for over 160 difference chemicals and contaminants and is located in a rural area outside the smog infested, industrialized urban areas of the metroplex.  Our pH levels range from 6.0 to 8.5 in order to provide you with the best growing medium possible.

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Earth Haulers’ Organic Compost                                                     

Consists totally of 100% natural soil amendments, produced under stringent quality controls.  The ingredients of our organic compost mix consist largely of manure, decayed wood, decayed leaves, and more.  After this process has been perfected, we filter the product through our screening facility in order to provide a product that is soft and moist and available for final sale.

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Earth Haulers’ Compost/Topsoil Mix

A special blend of our Top Quality Sandy Loam Topsoil mixed with our Organic Compost Mix.  Just the right mixture to do those projects that don’t necessarily require the full strength mixture of our Organic Compost, but a product that is just a little bit richer than our Top Quality Sandy Loam Topsoil.

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Earth Haulers’ Native Hardwood Tree Mulch (Double Ground)

“Native and Hardwood” because it is derived from trees like hickory, ash, elm, pecan, mesquite, oak, etc., native to this Dallas/Fort Worth/North Texas Area.  This product is beneficial to plants in a number of ways.  It not only helps to conserve moisture around plants, but it also serves as a barrier to weed growth and can be an effective method of weed control.  It benefits plants growth too, as long as it is applied properly.

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Earth Haulers’ Cedar Mulch

This product is derived from fine ground cedar trees only.  Cedar Mulch is perfect for landscaping. Its unique color makes a lovely compliment to many landscape arrangements, not to mention it smells great.  Landscaping with cedar mulch offers a number of benefits, including:

~ Cedar mulch is slow to decay
~ Cedar mulch retains moisture in the soil
~ Cedar mulch helps to moderate soil temperature
~ Cedar mulch repels insects
~ Cedar mulch retards weed growth

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Note: Depending on the growth method you are attempting to accomplish, any of these products should be added every six months to one year for the maximum benefit.


Earth Haulers’ Payment Terms

We accept all major credit cards, cash or checks for payment.  We offer charge accounts available upon approval.


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