Ideas for Rehabbing an Old Pool

August 11, 2016

Ideas to Fill a Swimming Pool with Dirt

Even in the Texas heat, we all know the pool doesn’t get as much use once the kids leave the house.  Tired of costly pool maintenance? Pool renovations too expensive? Consider rehabbing the entire space! Rather than simply filling in your pool with dirt, do a little planning to create a relaxing outdoor living space, sunken patio or fire pit. Don’t let an annoying eyesore ruin your summer, reclaim that space with one of these unique ideas that will add style and value to your backyard:

Create a Sunken Patio

Forget the water, using crushed limestone and a layer of topsoil and some paving stones, all you need is the right set of furniture to transform that hole in the ground into a posh sunken patio space.

Design an Outdoor Studio Space

If you plan to fill in the entire pool, try creating a rectangle with square paving stones, then use an arbor or pergola, some curtains and a desk that can stand a little weather to create an inspirational space that brings out your creative side.

Create a Greenhouse

If you are more organically inclined, an old pool can be a great space for a green house. GardenPool has some great ideas about how to set up a super self-sufficient space.

Enjoy a Multi-Level Garden

Rather than filling in the whole pool, use a layer of crushed limestone covered in topsoil to fill the deep-end, then cover the whole thing with organic compost, just enough to grow some beautiful plants  or build a tiered garden bed.

Cost to Fill a Swimming Pool with Dirt

We can also help you completely fill your pool. You’ll want to drill some drainage holes in the bottom first, then check out our products page and give us a call for our current rates on fill dirt delivery!