Landscaping Quicktips

May 9, 2017

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Did you know some sources estimate that an attractive and well-maintained landscape can add as much as 10 percent to the value of your home? Not to mention a nicely kept yard can be an inviting space for family and guests to enjoy. We’ve gathered a few Landscaping Quick Tips, to help you make the most of your space.

The Lawn

  • Instead of cutting in straight lines, cut your lawn at angles for that that golf course or baseball field look. For a square or rectangular lawn, start in one corner and cut across the middle of the lawn to the other corner.
  • Give your lawn an edge. Tidily edged beds and sidewalk areas give a landscape a professional look.
  • During the summer, lawns need a bit more shade, so let the blades grow just a little bit more. That way the water doesn’t evaporate so quickly. During the winter, cut it a little bit shorter so that the sunlight can get down into the soil.
  • Mowing your grass too low could turn your green grass brownish and eliminate taller grass’s weed-suppressing shade.

The Garden

  • Add a new layer of mulch to the planting beds and paths. For an even quicker fix, stir up existing mulch to make it look fresh.
  • Seasonal color makes the landscape pop, and flats of annuals are also relatively inexpensive. Go for a splash of several colors or a more monochromatic scheme, whatever fits in with the look of your home.
  • Making your garden multi-seasonal will allow you to take full advantage of your landscaping. You should mix in plants which bloom or have color in all seasons so that you can enjoy the garden year round.
  • Create one focal flower pot. Instead of diffusing your efforts all over the yard, plant one big, beautiful container, and place it on the deck or patio, or wherever the guests will congregate
  • Choose plants that will last all season in your container, such as summer annual flowers or tropical plants with bright foliage, as opposed to spring ephemerals or bulbs.
  • Since soil in small pots dries out faster, larger containers are easier to keep moist when the weather turns hot; however, big pots are heavy to move, so put the container in place before filling it with topsoil.
  • Consider “Hardscaping or the non-living components of a landscape, like paths, walls, stones, or wood pieces. Living plants, by contrast, constitute the “softscaping.”

The House

  • Install low voltage lighting to highlight your home’s best features.
  • Build simple enclosures for the service areas such as trash cans and utilities. Lattice or fence panels can be installed relatively quickly.
  • Power-wash dirty surfaces. Consider buying or renting a power washer to clean paved surfaces. With very little time or effort, you can make grungy, grimy surfaces look brand-spanking new. Power washers also do a great job of cleaning fences, as well as brick and vinyl siding.
  • Avoid putting too many decorative items in their front yard, which can be a distraction from the beauty of the natural landscape.