Organic Mulch for Texas Gardens

October 25, 2016

What is the best mulch for Texas gardens?

Many landscaping experts will tell you that mulching is a very important part of keeping your garden in tip top shape. If your first question is ‘What is mulch?’, it is simply a protective ground covering that’s primary purpose is to keep the soil moist by reducing evaporation. Mulching also helps moderate soil temperature, controls weeds, and if you are using an organic mulch, it can enrich the soil as well.

Some mulches are organic, like leaves, tree bark, compost, straw, grass clippings and pine needles. Others do not break down over time and include decomposed granite, cobblestones, pea gravel, and rubber or other synthetic products.

Benefits of organic mulch

A major benefit of mulching is that it significantly reduces evaporation, so laying down a 2-3 inch layer of mulch around flowers, shrubs and in your vegetable garden will cut down on your water bill AND keep your plants from wilting in the Texas heat.

Mulch suppresses weed growth. The key is to prevent sunlight from reaching the soil, which will stifle weed growth. The few weeds that do pop up, can be easily pulled up. Consider a mulch mixture that is made up of both coarse and fine mulch particles to help inhibit seed germination.

Mulch improves the soil over time. Specifically locally sourced, organic mulches will break down over time, enriching the soil as they decay, thereby increasing the nutrients in your garden. Organic mulch can also lighten the texture of the dense clay soil, frequently found in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, which makes it easier for your roots to grow.

The best mulch for any site anywhere is recycled plant material (leaves, twigs, spent plants, buds, bark, flowers and other plant debris) that grew on that property.  ~Howard Garrett, The Dirt Doctor”

How much Mulch do I need?

Generally, any soil that is not planted should be covered, to protect the valuable nutrients and moisture in the top soil from the hot Texas sun. If you are not using ground cover, a 2-4 inch layer of mulch is recommended around plants and shrubs.  When mulching around trees, especially young trees, be sure to leave the base of the tree and some of the roots exposed so that they do not get too moist and start to rot.

Our handy Cubic Yards Calculator will help you figure out how much mulch you will need for your project.

Mulch Delivery / Pick Up Options

Fort Worth offers free mulch to residents.  Be sure to bring a pickup truck and a shovel!

At Earth Haulers, all of our mulch is native to the DFW area. “Native and Hardwood” because it is derived from trees like hickory, ash, elm, pecan, mesquite, oak, etc., native to this Dallas/Fort Worth/North Texas Area. Visit our Residential Services page or call our friendly sales team any time to schedule delivery.