Native Tree Mulch

July 18, 2014

Native Texas Tree Mulch delivered right to your home!

Earth Haulers’ Native Hardwood Tree Mulch (Double Ground)


“Native and Hardwood” because it is derived from trees like hickory, ash, elm, pecan, mesquite, oak, etc., native to this Dallas/Fort Worth/North Texas Area. This product is beneficial to plants in a number of ways. It not only helps to conserve moisture around plants, but it also serves as a barrier to weed growth and can be an effective method of weed control. It benefits plants growth too, as long as it is applied properly.

Mulch is typically used for soil covering and it can save time and money in a variety of ways:


  • Water preservation (moisture retention)
  • Heat trapping
  • Create pathways
  • Weed prevention and control
  • Protecting roots from fluctuating & extreme temperatures
  • Help control soil erosion

The Mulch Products we carry are wood mulches including:
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