Topsoil Fill Dirt

July 18, 2014

Earth Haulers’ Sandy Loam Topsoil & Fill Dirt


Sandy Loam Topsoil Fill Dirt

Earth Haulers’ Sandy Loam Topsoil consists of Top Quality rural based soil with varying percentages of Sand, Silt and Clay. Within these ingredients lie a small percentage of organic deposits. Our topsoil and fill dirt have been tested for over 160 difference chemicals and contaminants and is located in a rural area outside the smog infested, industrialized urban areas of the metroplex. Our pH levels range from 6.0 to 8.5 in order to provide you with the best growing medium possible.

We carry a variety of topsoil / dirt products including:
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Because of its blended composition, loam soil is regarded as the best topsoil for growing any kind of plants. Common uses include: adding beneath sod for faster root development and growing flowering plants that need lots of water.

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